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Transparency. Respect. Innovation. Collaboration.
With many years of legal experience, Nsair & Partners – Lawyers has acquired an international perspective founded upon an exhaustive understanding of our clients and their needs, enabling the firm to provide expert legal advice and services to a range of different sectors, clearly and concisely.


Trusted Legal Experts
Expertise with a personal touch.
At Nsair & Partners – Lawyers, we understand the challenges involved with doing business in the global market. As an experienced law firm with a reputation for reliability, discretion, and trustworthiness, we advocate for the positions of our clients and protect their interests from the constantly evolving legal complexities of the modern global business market, recognizing that businesses must comply with diverse, industry-specific laws at local, regional, national and international levels.

Bespoke Services for Unique Client Needs
Your partners throughout your company lifetime.
The lawyers in our corporate practice are perfectly positioned to meet all the needs of our domestic and international clients across a diverse range of industries, providing support throughout the entire lifetime and operation of our client businesses. At Nsair & Partners – Lawyers, we strive to ensure that our clients can forge clear, effective and secure contractual agreements with their business contacts, suppliers and customers.
Key services include:
• Domestic and cross-border corporate transactions;
• Company representation from local to governmental level;
• Joint ventures;
• IPOs.

One-Stop Corporate Legal Solution
Looking after all your business needs.
Nsair & Partners – Lawyers offers hassle-free solutions to streamline business operations for our clients. We provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions, from auditing to accounting, account management to legal services. Tailored specifically for SME clients, our services meet all business needs while eliminating redundancy to create opportunities for growth and enable our clients to focus on their core business goals.
Key services include:
• Business formation, including company registration and the formation of partnerships, corporations, and LLCs;
• Administration of mergers and acquisitions;
• Auditing and accountancy;
• Social security issues;
• Company liquidation.

Outsourcing Corporate Services
One-of-a-kind partnership – Exceeding your expectations.
With more than four decades of legal and business experience, Nsair & Partners’ corporate team offers a range of valuable services to support companies with the daily operations of their business. Our team comprises qualified lawyers who are highly experienced in a broad spectrum of professional services. By outsourcing the complex, time-consuming daily needs of their companies to our expert team, our clients are freed to focus on strategically important, commercially focused tasks to ensure the continued profitability of their businesses.
Key services include:
• Support for daily operation of the company, including account management, licensing, and taxation;
• Drafting minutes;
• Drafting contracts and legal correspondence;
• Negotiating and advising on contractual issues.

Comprehensive Legal Protection
Empowering you for continued growth and expansion.
Our comprehensive suite of corporate services is based upon the principle of supporting our clients from initial registration through the lifetime of the company. Our clients can rely on us to meet all of their corporate needs, at a single, trustworthy point of contact that can deal with any issue that the company needs, including banking, arbitration and litigation in addition to more traditional legal provision.
As part of this philosophy, our services include the following:
• Support the establishment of good corporate governance, ensuring that policies and procedures comply with companies law, such as through effective risk management protocols and clear strategic aims, to guide each business in the right direction to meet its goals;
• Oversight of company policies, such as ensuring legal compliance with hiring laws and regulations;
• Registration and protection of intellectual property rights (including copyrights, inventions, trade names and trademarks);
• Formal representation of company interests in meetings with other parties ranging from formal and informal entities to government ministers and departments.

Banking and Finance
We provide a comprehensive suite of legal services for the banking and financial sectors including, but not limited to, the following:

• Public and private mergers and acquisition
• Private equity
• Equity capital markets
• Joint ventures
• Corporate derivatives
• Regulatory matters
• Company law and governance
• Establishment of commercial contracts
• Management of investment funds
• Financial restructuring and insolvency
• Acquisition and leveraged finance
• Asset finance and leasing
• Corporate lending and loan markets

• Credit funds
• Bank advisory work/strategic projects
• Distressed investing and debt trading
• Lending to financial institutions
• Portfolio sales
• Capital markets: derivatives and structured products
• Islamic banking and finance
• Prime brokerage
• Project finance
• Real estate finance
• Securitization
• Corporate trusts
• Other areas of structured finance

Nsair & Partners – Lawyers offers professional advice on all contractual issues arising during the trading activities of partnered businesses. Our comprehensive service addresses diverse strategic transactions, as well as day-to-day situations and everyday business needs, providing practical commercial expertise to our clients.

At Nsair & Partners – Lawyers, we understand the importance of good employee management and adherence to the intricacies of employment law. Our specialists are committed to offering consistent, high-quality support to our clients through every stage of their business operation, fulfilling all of their legal needs from the recruitment of staff to their ultimate retirement, in compliance with the objectives, strategies and culture of the specific context in which each business operates.

Telecommunications and Personal Data Protection
Given the ever-increasing importance of social media and the exposure of personal data associated with the modern information economy, it is of paramount importance to protect against any potential vulnerabilities, infringements, or exploitation. Nsair & Partners – Lawyers work closely with our clients to understand their needs, meet their objectives and offer advice on all related data protection issues. We specialize in the provision of a wide range of services to meet any and all of the matters that may arise in this intricate, complex legal area, including communications laws, broadcasting, media, and bespoke personal data protection services to ensure the privacy and security of our clients.

Intellectual Property
With extensive experience in this diverse area of law, our expert team provide a comprehensive suite of intellectual property services to our individual and corporate clients. These include trademark, patent, and design registration, as well as copyright protection for all manner of creative parties, such as writers, singers, and actors. Our expert team provide support throughout the lifetime of each intellectual property, monitoring and preventing infringement by third parties.

Dispute Resolution
With sensitivity to cultural and jurisdictional differences, Nsair & Partners – Lawyers provides advice and support across risk areas, business sectors and geographical boundaries. Informed by our deep understanding of local jurisdictions, we are perfectly positioned to represent our clients in disputes brought before Jordanian courts, as well as local and international arbitration forums.

Pro Bono
Nsair & Partners’ lawyers are dedicated to the betterment of society. As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we take a humane approach that recognizes the unique context of each individual case. Our Pro Bono work is founded upon the belief that the practice of law is a privilege that carries the attendant responsibility to apply knowledge and talent for the betterment of the less privileged. This principle underpins our company ethos and our lawyers are dedicated to improving the community and righteously helping those in need.

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